Thursday, June 5, 2014

Guess I won't be homeless after all... :)

Ben and I officially decided to walk away from the house we were planning to renovate. The shenanigans were no longer worth it. So the desperate search for a home to move into by the end of June began...every time we liked a house enough to place an offer, it was gone in 24-48 hours. Things started to look bleak this past week. Then came a house not even a mile from here. I saw the listing go up a few weeks ago, but didn't even entertain the possibility of going to see it because it was out of our price range. But when our realtor contacted us to go, I didn't say no...and I'm so glad I didn't. We offered our best and when they came back with a counter, we refused to budge. It was hard, but we knew if the Lord intended for us to have that home, He would make a way. They ended up accepting!!! It's on almost half an acre in a quiet little subdivision, a corner lot on a cul-de-sac. It's exactly the place I envision starting a family. Can't wait to close June 30th and start making it our home!!!